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Test Post from Blogsy

This is a test post from my new Blogsy application to see if it posts successfully to my StreetSmartSOB blog. (Need to test quickly before my battery dies).

This is Heading 1

This is just a test to see how things post from Blogsy program to my WordPress blog. If you happen to be reading this, thanks for stopping by but this is really just a test so you can stop reading here. Unless, of course, you are interested in how I’m using Blogsy on iPad to write my articles off-line and then publish to my blog.


This is Heading 2 in Red

So far the advantage I see to using Blogsy is that it seems to work much better with my Kensington bluetooth keyboard on my ipad. When I log into my site from my ipad with the Safari browser and try to write a post, I’ve found that if I try to move my cursor by touching within the text of my post, then my bluetooth keyboard stops working. I then have to go to another field on the screen, type a few characters and then return to my Edit Post area and I can then resume typing. This is really a pain and so far, by typing my post in Blogsy, I don’t seem to be having any issues with my keyboard.


This is Heading 3 in Blue

That will do it for now for my test of Blogsy. I will post more as I learn more.