Managing Enterprise Software Systems

Test of Screenr Screencast

In this test of the Screenr screencasting tool, we take a tour of our own web site.  In this post, we'll test embedding the video with the embed code from screenr.  One thing we'll be looking for is to see if video is 'responsive', meaning the size … [Read more]

Another YouTube Embed Test

Just another test of embedding a YouTube video. … [Read more]

A New Post for a New Newsletter

Well, it took me the better part of a weekend to learn that Feedburner no longer exists and then to figure out how to add a subscribe form to my blog and then associate to my MailChimp account and lists and then how to set up an RSS to Email … [Read more]

testing newsletter subscription

test for setting up mailchimp newsletter subscription services. … [Read more]

Test from phone

Test post from phone with pic of streets from trip to Hamburg. … [Read more]

Test Responsive videojs embedded video

I updated my videojs plugin settings and checked box for Responsive - let's see if it makes difference on PC, iPad and Droid phone.     … [Read more]

embedding video from my media library

Trying out new video js plugin to try and embed a video from my media library. Can I have 2 videos in one post? … [Read more]

Test jsvideo plugin to embed videos in post

Test video js plugin.   … [Read more]

Test insertion of screencast video from media

This is a little sample screencast video I made - trying inserting it from my wordpress media instead of uploading to screencast or youtube and then embedding. CamTest1 Ok, again looks like it inserted link to file instead of a preview to play … [Read more]

Inserting screenchomp mp4 video from media library

ScreenChomp 3913, 758 AM testing insertion of a video uploaded to my wordpress media. It appears it inserted a link to my file - viewer must click on video link "ScreenChomp-3913-758-AM.mp4" to view. … [Read more]