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test camtasia screencast uploaded to youtube

Recorded quick camtasia screencast, uploaded to youtube and copied embed code. Looking to see if it plays back on PC, iPad and Droid phone when viewing this blog post.

Test embed of youtube mp4 video


Testing MPG video file format

Testing mpg video file format with wmv file I converted to mpg using zamzar online conversion service. I am looking for best video format that will work on both PC’s and iPads when played on my blog. The MOV file seems to work as long as you have Quicktime installed on PC. This mpg file is smallest yet, so may be best from compression point of view if it works on PC and iPad.

Video Test of MOV file recorded on ipad

For some reason, when I recorded this little test video on my ipad and sent to my PC, it shows me upside down on my pc – though it plays fine on my ipad – bizzare. Oh well, right now I’m trying to find a video format for embedding into my blog that will play on both my pc and my ipad, so we’ll give this one a try.

Test Screencast Embedded Video MP4

This is second test of embedding video published to First video was wmv file and played fine on PC but not ipad – so seeing if it plays in mp4 format. Converted using zamzar online video conversion. File size went from 25mb to 75mb.

Test embedded video

This is an embedded video. This worked very nice on computer but wmv file did not show up on ipad.  Used zamar online video converter to convert to mp4.  File size went from 25mb to 75mb but will try another test to see if mp4 plays when viewing post on ipad.

Testing Animated Gif in Post









This is a test to see how an animated gif from PresenterMedia will display in a post – will it display with animation?

Results:  It appears viewer only sees animation if they click on the image in the post.

On the road to knowledge


A photo from the side of the road somewhere in Sturgis, SD. This is a test photo post from my iPad.

Test post from Android phone


SSSOB in Hamburg, Germany

StreetSmartSOB visits Hamburg, Germany. This is actually test of posting from my Android phone.