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Test Post from Blogsy

This is a test post from my new Blogsy application to see if it posts successfully to my StreetSmartSOB blog. (Need to test quickly before my battery dies).

This is Heading 1

This is just a test to see how things post from Blogsy program to my WordPress blog. If you happen to be reading this, thanks for stopping by but this is really just a test so you can stop reading here. Unless, of course, you are interested in how I’m using Blogsy on iPad to write my articles off-line and then publish to my blog.


This is Heading 2 in Red

So far the advantage I see to using Blogsy is that it seems to work much better with my Kensington bluetooth keyboard on my ipad. When I log into my site from my ipad with the Safari browser and try to write a post, I’ve found that if I try to move my cursor by touching within the text of my post, then my bluetooth keyboard stops working. I then have to go to another field on the screen, type a few characters and then return to my Edit Post area and I can then resume typing. This is really a pain and so far, by typing my post in Blogsy, I don’t seem to be having any issues with my keyboard.


This is Heading 3 in Blue

That will do it for now for my test of Blogsy. I will post more as I learn more.


A New Post for a New Newsletter


Well, it took me the better part of a weekend to learn that Feedburner no longer exists and then to figure out how to add a subscribe form to my blog and then associate to my MailChimp account and lists and then how to set up an RSS to Email campaign…you get the idea.  But, here it is at least, I think.  You should now be able to subscribe to our post newsletter (after subscribing on website and accepting confirmation email).  And then, if all goes well, once a day the newsletter will go out if any new posts have been added since the last newsletter.  It’s not pretty yet – but it’s functional – woohoo!  Now back to my Sunday nap…Monday morning in the real world will be here soon.

The StreetSmartSOB

testing newsletter subscription

test for setting up mailchimp newsletter subscription services.

Ride to the top...

Ride to the top…

Test from phone


Test post from phone with pic of streets from trip to Hamburg.

Test Responsive videojs embedded video

I updated my videojs plugin settings and checked box for Responsive – let’s see if it makes difference on PC, iPad and Droid phone.



embedding video from my media library

Trying out new video js plugin to try and embed a video from my media library.

Can I have 2 videos in one post?

Test jsvideo plugin to embed videos in post

Test video js plugin.


Test insertion of screencast video from media

This is a little sample screencast video I made – trying inserting it from my wordpress media instead of uploading to screencast or youtube and then embedding.

Ok, again looks like it inserted link to file instead of a preview to play within blog post. This is ok, as it is another way to share a little video, but will check settings to see if I can embed it to play in blog instead of just having link to it.

Inserting screenchomp mp4 video from media library

ScreenChomp 3913, 758 AM
testing insertion of a video uploaded to my wordpress media. It appears it inserted a link to my file – viewer must click on video link “ScreenChomp-3913-758-AM.mp4” to view.

camtasia test video embedding from screencast

testing camtasia video uploaded to screencast and now embedding in this post. Also uploaded to youtube – that video worked well on PC, iPad and Droid phone. Let’s see what this one does.