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A New Post for a New Newsletter


Well, it took me the better part of a weekend to learn that Feedburner no longer exists and then to figure out how to add a subscribe form to my blog and then associate to my MailChimp account and lists and then how to set up an RSS to Email campaign…you get the idea.  But, here it is at least, I think.  You should now be able to subscribe to our post newsletter (after subscribing on website and accepting confirmation email).  And then, if all goes well, once a day the newsletter will go out if any new posts have been added since the last newsletter.  It’s not pretty yet – but it’s functional – woohoo!  Now back to my Sunday nap…Monday morning in the real world will be here soon.

The StreetSmartSOB

Welcome StreetSmart SoB’s!

Welcome to my second attempt to launch a StreetSmart School of Business (SSSOB) blog.