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StreetSmart Tool – Snagit

snagitSnagit is one of those few applications I use almost daily in my work as a project manager, business analyst and especially as a manager of enterprise software applications.  Snagit is a screen capture program that has evolved to the point where you can even use it to do mini MPEG-4 screencasts for video captures of your screen activity.  Before I found Snagit, I used the standard Windows [PrtSc] Print Screen function to capture a copy of my screen to the clipboard. I would then paste it into an application such as MS Publisher to crop it and add text, arrows and callouts.  With Snagit, as soon as you capture the portion of the screen you want, it immediately opens an editing window where you can add text, arrows, callouts, stamps and many more cool effects.  And yes, there a number of free screen capture tools out there, if budget is an issue, but this is the screen capture app that I really like and use all the time.

So, what do I use Snagit for?  Everything.  I use it for user support, sending users a screenshot with an arrow showing where they need to go on a screen along with text or a callout telling them what they need to do.  I use it to capture and annotate screenshots for software documentation, training manuals and for writing and documenting test cases.  Sometimes I just use it as a quick way to share something interesting I saw on the web – emailing the screenshot to my colleagues instead of or in addition to sending a link.

So what does it cost?  It depends how you purchase it.  In my work, I use both Snagit and Camtasia Studio, another TechSmith product for screencasting, so I usually purchase the bundle.  TechSmith is currently selling Snagit for $49.95 USD on their web site.  You can also take it for a 30 day free trial here.  And for the record, I am not currently affiliated with TechSmith products, though I do recommend them.  You can also shop around the web.  I believe Snagit is also sold by Amazon, CDW and other online software vendors.

I will put together a short video demo of how I use Snagit shortly.  Until then, Techsmith has some video tutorials on their web site you can check out here. Below is a sample of some arrows and callouts I added to screen capture of our SSSOB web site.

Snagit Example




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This is just a test post to see if I have successfully integrated my Twitter plugin to my SSSOB blog.  I’m looking to see if I place this post in a category if it will tweet and update via my streetsmartsob twitter account.