Managing Enterprise Software Systems

SQL Survival Skills for Business Analysts

Ok, if you're like me, at some point you may find yourself frustrated with waiting for someone else to run your query, write your report or build your dashboard. You've gathered and submitted all of your business requirements and now … [Read more]

SQL Lesson 1. Intro to SQL Databases

We know that our enterprise systems store our enterprise data in databases. There are a lot of different types of databases out there but for this SQL Survival Skills series we are going to focus on Microsoft SQL databases, also known as MS SQL … [Read more]

Test Post from Blogsy

This is a test post from my new Blogsy application to see if it posts successfully to my StreetSmartSOB blog. (Need to test quickly before my battery dies). This is Heading 1 This is just a test to see how things post from Blogsy program to my … [Read more]

Test a byline

by Brian Wisnor This is a test post to see how name would appear as byline if I just put it rignt into the post instead of messing around with all these silly plugins that want to pull my info from my Google+ profile.  I don't want a Google+ … [Read more]

StreetSmart Tool – Snagit

Snagit is one of those few applications I use almost daily in my work as a project manager, business analyst and especially as a manager of enterprise software applications.  Snagit is a screen capture program that has evolved to the point where you … [Read more]

Test Post for SSSOB Twitter Connection

                This is just a test post to see if I have successfully integrated my Twitter plugin to my SSSOB blog.  I'm looking to see if I place this post in a category if it will … [Read more]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Chicago

Not really a day for a business article but a great day to celebrate being even a little Irish.  Celebrating St. Pat's Chicago style with brother and wife who happen to be in town for a conference.  Sister and law and I made it out for a bit of the … [Read more]

Screenr Test Tour Take 4

Here's another test of the Screenr screencasting tool. Once again, for this test, we are taking a tour of our own StreetSmartSOB™ web site.  For this test, I switched to recording with my Plantronics headset and boy what a difference in sound quality … [Read more]

Screenr Test 3 using jsvideo embed

This is test of 3rd method to embed my test Screenr video into my post. RESULT: Woohoo! Looks like we have a winner :) Video size is adapting to, and playing on, PC, iPad and Droid phone. (No sound on Droid phone but think I somehow muted it - … [Read more]

Test 2 of Screenr Screencast

In our first test, we used the embed code from our screenr screen to embed the video into our post. This worked fine for PC, cropped far right hand side of video on ipad and video wouldn't play at all on our droid bionic. Now we'll try a different … [Read more]